The Importance of Managing The Temperature for Vaping

Three Vape PensAre you tired of that awful taste you get from a hard hit of your favourite CBD E-juice because of the wrong temperature setting? Are you bored with toasting the wick in your coil and having to repair it? Annoyed with vapes that are too hot. If thus, it seems like Temperature management for vaping may be right for you. Temperature Management for vaping seems to be the next step in harm reduction by forming a reliable means of restraining the temperature of the coils.

Temperature Management

The purpose of Temperature Management of your modded vape allows you to pre-set temperature. In doing so, the coil of the vaporizer heat won’t exceed. Once the Temperature Management feature detects that the coil hits your pre-set value, it acts as a limiter. Also, it can change, restrict, or cut-off the power to the coil until the temperature falls below your preset temperature value. Temperature Management keeps your coil temperature at a set rate. Regardless of what your most well-liked vaping style is. Whether it is for a little or massive inhale, direct or indirect inhales, or a marathon-style chain vaping.

Cannabinoids Boiling Points

THC— the least temperature required to feel any effects is at 157°C. If you keep the temperature right around the boiling point, you can get a moderate-high. This is excellent for new vapers and those with low tolerances. For those who also vape for flavour with their “grow your own” gyo cannabis, this temperature will also ignite and release the compounds responsible for various flavours and scents from cannabis.

CBD evaporates between 160 to 180°C depending on the strain. Thus, it is tricky to separate out THC highs vs CBD highs by temperature alone. Choosing a strain with more of one cannabinoid than the other is not recommendable. While vaping CBD is more of on health purposes, you will need to set up your vape mod to release it.

Be aware that not all cannabinoids are the same, the ideal temperature set above are for the real cannabinoids not for the misnomer synthetic cannabis.

Digital Temperature Gauge Showing 50 Degrees Celcius

Initial Temperature Management Setup

Setting up Temperature Management for the first time could be more comfortable than you think. And, even if you forgot to set the temperature, configuring your vaporizer can still apply with the feature. The first thing you would like to try and do is to make sure your vaporizer is in the correct mode for the kind of coil you are using. Seeing on your vaporizer, it should have one Temperature management Mode that supports each Nickel and Titanium coil. Yet, it should have a particular Temperature Management Mode that has to be set to support either Nickel or Titanium coils on an individual basis.

The second thing you would like to try and do once attaching the tank to your vape mod is to “lock within the base resistance” of the coil as well as the temperature. Lockup within the base resistance of the coil at a certain temperature provides essential data for the Temperature Management required to operate correctly. It is vital to notice that this step is necessary within the setup method. Otherwise, the bottom resistance reading will not be in a proper set-up, and the Temperature management readings would be inaccurate.

Now, you’ll be able to set the suggested electrical power for the coil. Check the indicated electrical power rating for the coil on your device manual sheet. The last and final step is choosing a temperature that your coil must not exceed at the desired temperature.

Recommended Temperatures

As with most vaporizer settings, it is continuously best to start low and work at high temperatures. Ordinary vaping temperatures are within the range of One hundred Fifty to Two hundred Twenty degrees Celsius (150 °C – 220 °C) and sometimes the heat increases for about five degrees Celsius (5°C). Since you currently have management over the temperature of your coil, it’s a simple task to dial in that sweet spot and release the flavour from favourite homegrown cannabis strain with ease. Your personal preference and style can decide what temperature may work best for you, and since all e-juices aren’t created equal.

hand holding vapeJoules Vs. Wattage

Some newer vaporizers with Temperature Management are currently embracing an extra setting that allows you to decide on either Joule’s Mode or Electrical Power Mode. Therefore, what precisely could be a Joule, and the way will it compare to our acquainted electrical power setting? A Joule is just an approach to living energy – It measures energy. To be precise, at one-amp joule is passing through a resistance of one Ohm per second. One watt is equal to one joule per second. Forty Watts for one second is equal to Forty Joules, Forty Watts for three seconds is equal to a hundred and twenty Joules, thus, what will this mean for vaping? Since this is often a new evaluation in vape devices, some vape mods may differ from others. But, those that we tend to are acquainted with; the watts equal the Joules setting. Vaping at the Forty joules setting is equal to vaping at Forty Watts.

Vaping Safe with Temperature Management

Nickel and Titanium coils are usually wrapped to a low resistance and will never be utilized in a vaporizer that doesn’t have a Temperature management feature. Nickel and Titanium coils are not suitable for extended use of vaporizers, Yet, pulsing the vaping coil in Temperature Management Mode is safe. Nickel and Titanium coils were not utilized in Variable Voltage or Variable electrical power Mode on any vaporizer. Always use regulated batteries for your vaporizer.



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