Researcher, Blogger, Activist

Researcher, Blogger, Activist

Every day I grow through my news feed and every day I have the same thought.

What the fuck are we playing at?

Right now in the UK, ambulance call outs for mental health issues have increased 23%, one in six care homes are due to close thanks to lack of funding  and even Kent, a traditional Tory stronghold is currently experiencing the longest A&E times in the country as NHS waiting times and treatment access are a postcode lottery

140,000 vulnerable and abused kids have also been dumped with no support thanks to the ideological cuts of the Tories.

Don’t worry though. Jeremy Cunt has somewhere nice to shit after shaking £44k from the Tory treasure tree.jeremy-hunt

All things our elederly(ish) readers may want to consider now that dementia sufferers are being deemed by the DWP to be able to look after themselves as part of their eugenics agenda and carers are doing their nut at being paid only £2.60 per hour as 50 hospital trusts complain of unsafe staffing standards that are putting patients lives at risk. which is standard practice for a government wanting to privatise everything by running all they can in to the ground no matter the consequences.

Then of course there’s the small matter of homelessness that is predicted see 1 million more FAMILIES homeless over the next 3 years as less than half of landlords (how many are MP’s making up regulations for this industry again??) in one borough alone failed to self assess.

david-davis-campaignAnd if all of that wasn’t bad enough, we have a Brexit secretary in David Davis who says everything’s going fine. However we already know that the man is full of shit which has been reinforced by former aid James Chapman has labelled him a workshy, inept, inappropriate drunken bully over a series of texts and emails.

Just in case they’re not our betters though they’re going to introduce legislation that will prevent them from being sued when they drop more bollocks or feel like carrying on being the genocidal extremists that they are for the shits and giggles of it as they destroy the United Kingdom and relations with the EU as they lead what’s left in to becoming a failed terrorist state that is the world’s second largest arms trader, the worlds biggest ivory trader and tax haven for the worlds criminal cartels (788 Finchley Road). They’re covering their bases with cover ups just in case though.

That’ll be why the old goat is looking so relaxed surrounded by her body guards while on holiday.

But, you know, life goes on as the Scum tells you to look at those Muslims and don’t forget to get enraged over cans of pop baring a weed leaf on them as they tell you to get mullered at one of the few pubs that are left as 30 a week close and leave all this stuff to your betters.

Doesn’t it make you feel proud to be British??

Especially when you see pictures of the likes of Major Wayne Owers being honoured by the queen for gallantry until you read his story. Investiture-at-Buckingham-PalaceYet another veteran left to an uncaring benefits system that you have to jump through hoops for that is of no fucking benefit to anyone!!

But nevermind, at least drugs policy is working as Spice continues to decimate the homeless across the country and more people are dying from drugs than ever before.

image_update_imgIt wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of those deaths are in Scotland as drug related deaths have doubled in a decade and now has the highest number of drug related deaths in the EU. A recent investigation found that in just one square mile of Glasgow there was 22 homeless people. Maybe things will start to change when Spice makes it to the homeless communities of Windsor.

Its not just Spice though. More people are dying of drug related deaths than ever. Which may be a blessing in disguise seeing as current drugs policy is a postcode lottery

Now while the Americans are pointing out that its the rapacious pharma companies, politicians who colluded with them and regulators who approved one opioid pill after another driving their opioid crisis, ours do their usual and bury their heads in the sand.

I mselling-soul-mainean they would when they have more than 70 MP’s with connections to health care firms and god only knows how many pharma lobbyists that Andrew Lansley is advising on the pricing so as to exploit a Tory loophole on drug rebranding that is milking the NHS of £262 million per year, or around 7000 junior doctors.

Kind of puts Hunt’s posh shitter to shame!!

Last time I checked, misconduct in public office carried a life time sentence. Just saying.

Which leads us nicely in to our next subject of what has now been confirmed as man made climate change thanks to fossil fuels that Professor Jim Hansen, Nasa’s former climate science chief has said needs a radical solution for a 12.5% reduction in atmospheric carbon or the shit is going to hit the fan. Already we only have around a 5% chance of meeting the Paris agreements of avoiding a global temperature rise of 2C.

So what do we do in this country? Have the police come up with new guide lines for policing fracking sites despite geological issues as they ‘consider‘ allegations that the very people who put them there broke election law by using a call centre despite the fact that it was ALL OVER THE FUCKING TV!!!!

And if you live in Cornwall, you have a lithium mine to look forward to on your door step. If that’s not bad enough, you’ll also have the dumping of untreated fracking waste water from the north west to look forward to washing your way. This is rapidly turning in to more than a fight to protect our environment, this is a struggle for our very democracy.

Speaking of democracy, only 19% support fracking whereas 47% support legalisation of cannabis.

A resource that can replace the fossil fuels that the fracking industry are after and the lithium that that will be mined in Cornwall while also removing 325kg of carbon from the atmosphere for every ton produced.

I’m reminded of the Henry Ford quote;

11750655_10154060726432306_6838179166356254464_n“Why use up the forest which were centuries in the making and mines which required ages to lay down. if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”

Which you would think that the likes of Mayhem and Trump would be all over considering Ford was also a Nazi eugenicist.

But, you know, I’m sure the residents of the west coast will sleep well in their moral superiority as they look forward to going plodging in their fracking sludge at bank holiday weekends.

If only more of them removed the stick from their arses and supported ending the war on drugs as well as signing petitions, they may get there a tad quicker. Little wonder Sir Andre Geim, the guy who discovered Graphene (you know, the stuff that can be made from what we throw away for $500 per ton) is talking of buggering off. web1.17861-C0021243-Andre_Geim,_Russian_born_physicist-SPL

I have a feeling the 26,710 cancer patients currently waiting for a referral wish they could join him. Maybe somewhere like CaliforniaColorado or Berkley where they can walk in to a dispensary and get free cannabis oils at time when we’re due to close hundreds of RURAL pharmacies at a time when dispensaries are outnumbering Starbucks and MacDonalds combined.

Or there’s always the option of doing it here seeing as Michael Gove is going to make farmers jump through hoops for subsidies that will be nowhere near what EU levels were which may be a bit of a cover when you consider that DEFRA have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing either despite the fact that we’re 11 million trees and 7 years behind schedule in planting any. Just for any farmers who follow us and would like to tell Westmonster $$’s or Cuadrilla’s hench men to do one should they chose to visit, legal weed is currently retailing at $8.2 million per acre in California.

The final twist in the tail to this, the deaths from prescription drugs are being disproportionately led by seniors. The same sector who led the Brexit vote that is pushing drug pricing up and yet have led a 250% increase in cannabis use which is leading MedicAid to a $1 billion saving. Maybe some of our older followers would care to consider some of those figures as we attempt to avert our own opioid crisis.

Whether it be drugs policy, environmental and industrial strategy, the NHS, social care, and many other issues currently plaguing our society, one change can see a tidal change.

Like it or not, prohibition affects YOU!! Every day!!