Doors 5:00pm
Show 8:30pm

Three-time Oscar winner*, ten-time Oscar nominee* and world Roman-Greco wrestling champion Sir Dickie Benson unleashes his debut Edinburgh show – Knight on the Tiles – at the Teeside Cannabis Club’s “Club Exhale”

Presented as an interactive Q & A and hosted by self renowned theatre critic James Milton, this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get up close and very personal with one of our nation’s greatest living actors is not to be missed.

In his famous free-flowing, uncensored anecdotal style, Dickie will be reflecting on a life well lived – his trials, tribulations and triumphs.

“Are you a copper?” said Sir Dickie in a statement.

“An hour of chaos, laughs and drunken tantrums from a legendary Hollywood hell-raiser… If you get a chance to see Sir Dickie Benson in person, I genuinely don’t think there is an experience like it in live comedy today; not for the faint-hearted but genuinely rewarding.” – Steve Shooter, The Press