Researcher, Blogger, Activist

Researcher, Blogger, Activist

As anyone who follows this industry knows, there are three accepted sectors. Medicinal, recreational and industrial. This debate has kept the subject of cannabis split across its supporters for many years. When you look at the evidence though, its quite a ludicrous debate.

If I was to mention hemp, everyone’s mind will go straight to industrial applications. Charlotte’s web would obviously be medicinal because of its high CBD content. Anybody who knows Chiesel would regard it as a recreational strain because of its high THC content.

If we look around the world though, Thailand are incorporating hemp in to their industrial strategy and drug law reforms. The predicted $2.1 billion American CBD market will see $450 million of that coming from hemp. Nevada have grouped both medicinal and recreational strains together for regulation. Canada are removing the THC cap for industrial applications as some studies suggest high yielding high THC cannabis will produce around 20 -30 times as much seed oil as hemp.

The separations of strains and their applications are evolving along with the industry.

Cannabis is NOT the harmful drug that BlueKip and Jeremy Vile would have you believe. It IS a highly versatile multipurpose material resource that we should be maximising the potential of. So in that spirit, here’s my personal vision of the future of the north east.

Seeing as fossil fuel divestment is all of the rage at present, the petrochemical plant at Teesside will need something to process. If Labour get in come the election (please god!!) then they’ll ban fracking. If the farmers of the Durham Tees valley were to be growing large amounts of high THC cannabis producing anywhere from 6000 to 20,000 gallons of seed oil per acre, they’ll have a locally sourced replacement to work with. la_roche_jagu_chanvre_1As an added bonus, the sticks and stems could be passed across the Tees to Applied Graphene Materials to start building the northern powerhouse that the architect of which, Lord O’Neill of Gately, conveniently left behind as he moved up the house of lords. Not before making sure that around £2 billion of tax payers money was handed over to the likes of Merck, Pfizer, etc, to develop new antibiotics to combat the bout of AMR we’re currently witnessing. And yet THC and CBD have been shown to be so highly antibiotic they kill off EMRSA. One job! One change in legislation! We should have had the northern powerhouse by now. It’ll go a long way towards keeping quisling collaborator cops from manning fracking lines for 30 pieces of silver after they’ve bled their communities dry of their council taxes for doing so against the wishes of their constiuents. Cutting your nose off, shooting yourself in the foot, choose a metaphor guys.jim-oneill

On the back of those industries, Sunderland could become a 21st century Detroit with carbon fibre cars powered on graphene nanoflow cell technology rolling out of Nissan. Something else BlueKip have to start to think about seeing as all they have is a plan to figure out a plan to tackle air pollution that is costing 40,000 lives per year. They’ve already wasted almost £170million of tax payer money on a carbon capture scheme that doesn’t work while ignoring a crop that sequesters 325kg of atmospheric carbon for every ton produced. Very handy at a time when carbon has just reached 410ppm, way cheaper, and at current market prices of around $1.1mn (£850k) per acre, also very profitable.

Then you have Durham. Farms galore that would boom off it regenerating all of the old mining towns that the Tories have smashed over the years. You can’t exactly mention a resource such as cannabis and fail to mention the medical advances that have come from Durham University. Can you imagine what they’re going to do when they’re let loose with a resource such as this? Especially at a time when cancer rates currently stand at 1 in 2, women are 6 times more likely to develop it than men and paediatric cancers have gone up 40% in the last 16 years.

Newcastle, anyone with half a brain knows that if you were to add a cannabis culture to the quayside, the place would end up one of THE top European hotspots for cannabis tourism. With strong transport links to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Prague through North Shields ferry, Durham Tees Valley and Newcastle airports, the whole area would boom! With more Hollywood movies being filmed over here as well, I’m sure a lot of those cash rich Americans who can get it so easily at home would be very disappointed coming here and not being able to get their meds. They like their culture and castles after all and we in the north east have an abundance of them to attract those health tourist dollars with.

LRm86WqXRebecca Long-Bailey spoke recently on question time about the need for investment for high skill, high paid jobs. This is an industry that can be developed with very little investment as most of it is already in place. We have a massive workforce of people waiting to have their criminal records turned in to CV’s so that they can influence other job markets. Something I’m sure those one million zero hour contract workers would appreciate is more stable work. Bud trimmers make twice the minimum wage, teaching someone to grow is a $41kpa job, growers and extractors are anywhere from $50kpa to $90kpa, chemists are over $100kpa and master growers $250kpa.

And that’s just the start! Graphene mentioned earlier, is pretty much the future of everything we’re going to do. If you think the oil age was a boom, wait till you see what graphene does for humanity!

All high skilled, high tech, high wage jobs across multiple sectors of industry!

As for employment opportunities, 125,000 workforce at present has just moved $53 billion in a year! That workforce is expected to treble by 2020.

People love to say that cannabis legalisation doesn’t affect them. As clearly demonstrated, it does on a daily basis whether you realise it or not. Here’s one more example for you. We currently pay taxes on our recreational drugs of choice at present in tobacco and alcohol. Those taxes are then paid in to the NHS who pay drug companies to develop drugs for our treatment in later life when those substances (both class 1 carcinogens) have taken their toll, which the NHS then buy at extortionate rates.

How much money do you suppose the exchequer will save when the recreational drug of choice is also a highly effective treatment for multiple conditions? Including as a preventative towards the UK’s number one killer at present in dementia.

We’re already taxing this black market industry anyway. Scammerin’ and Gideon added the black market for sex and drugs to the economy back in 2014. They valued that market at around £10 billion. Seeing as the vast majority of people working in the black market tend not to pay taxes on what they earn, the ConDem’s at the time, decided to treat it much like car insurance premiums for uninsured drivers. Everyone pays a premium on their car insurance to make up for those who drive without it. Same goes for taxes from the black market. If people in the black market aren’t paying for those missed taxes, someone has to. So they redistributed it across the tax bills of everyone who does pay taxes. The EU then realised they hadn’t had their share. £1.7 billion later, they had!

So what you currently have is a black market industry being taxed by both the UK government and the EU, while those working within those industries that contribute £10 billion to our economy are regularly criminalised.

Meanwhile, the leading cause of UK debt at present is council tax. Our under funded and over stretched police forces are paid for from our council taxes. Which puts the police in what is quite frankly a ludicrous position. Every time a cop pays their council tax, they’re contributing towards their own wages. Then they go to work to try to supress the spread of a black market industry that they’re paying taxes on, in a resource that can replace fossil fuels while their pensions are destroyed because of fossil fuel investments at a time of divestment.

Almost makes you feel sorry for them.

And if you don’t know about private prison slave labour schemes that are putting thousands of people out of jobs all of the time, maybe you need to dig a little deeper for yourself.

Cannabis is more than just a drug. As long as we keep framing our debates to just that aspect, we’re going to be stuck in our echo chambers for a long time to come.

The north east having an industrial revolution on the back of weed is the ultimate two fingers to BlueKip! Let the green coal rush begin!!