The Independent issued an update to the petition that was issued to government, before the government recess. They are reporting now that the petition has been discussed and has been shelved.

The Home Office issued a crushing response however, claiming that “substantial scientific evidence shows cannabis is a harmful drug that can damage human health,”

This is the ignorance we are facing. Luckily we have high power advocates such as President Obama who has been quoted as stating “we should be governed by science rather than ideology”.  Colorado has boomed its economy, there are jobs with real incomes. The people pay taxes on their wages, they pay taxes on their pot and less government assistance is required. It is a perfect answer. With even UK police forces stating it is not high priority except where other crimes are being committed, it just seems  a retarded way of thinking in the light of so much science and economic benefits to back it up.

This is all a low blow and I would urge you all to lobby as hard as you can without breaking any laws.


There is a letter circulating in facebook land from Baroness Molly Meacher advising on how to do so and that is by emailing Kieth Vaz the committee leader telling him how cannabis helps you and why you know it should be legalised.




Baroness Meacher advises personal letters rather than template letters are best as standard template letters are often discarded.