Ending Cannabis Prohibition

The financial sector is looking to relocate from the UK and take around 70,000 jobs with it, jobs which cannabis prohibition is stifling.

Fuck ’em! Let them go! Iceland let their banks fail and bailed out the people. As a consequence, their economy recovered faster than any other since the financial crash. So much so that the people will now all get a share of the profits.

NHS England Logo prohibition

Admittedly not much, but still a better position than the UK after bailing out the bankers.

The Tories are cutting funding which will lead to the closure of around 3000 pharmacies. Also introducing £22bn of NHS cuts leading to cancer & dementia treatments being deemed “unaffordable”.

Meanwhile, in Colorado recreational cannabis dispensaries outnumber Starbucks and McDonalds. Both making more than enough money to give away free medicines to those with cancer and PTSD, etc.


The cannabis industry paid $66 million is surplus tax receipts to the state last year. Unlike a lot of companies operating in the UK. For example, the state of Colorado has received $135 million dollars of $1 billion worth of cannabis turnover. eBay paid £1.1 million pounds of their £1.1 billion UK industry.

Although federally illegal businesses aren’t allowed to access federal banking systems.

Banking in the UK provides 70,000 financial sector jobs in a country with a population of 65 million people. Cannabis now accounts for 100,000 US jobs.

Tell me again why we need the banking sector!

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Tramadol Addiction Cannabis Prohibition

Tramadol kills more people than heroin and cocaine combined. A sector that finances the anti-cannabis lobbying for companies such as Zogenix.

The same company that happens to be responsible for Zohydro, or Insys whose drug Fentanyl killed Prince. They recently gave $500,000 to Arizona’s anti-legalization drive. They cited child safety as the reason for the donation. However, when you look at the facts you see a somewhat different story.

In Colorado, child emergency room visits for marijuana intoxication have increased to 2.3 per 100,000 kids aged 10 and under since legalization in 2014. Up from 1.2 per 100,000 children. Accidental ingestion of pharmaceuticals sends about 318 per 100,000 kids aged five years and under to the emergency room according to government figures. The frequency of hospital visits from children accidentally taking narcotic painkillers have increased 225% between 2004 and 2011.

That’s quite a comparison! Is it any wonder that companies such as these pay millions of dollars to stop cannabis going mainstream??

Always follow the money!

As much as there are people who own the bank accounts, it’s the banks who profit the most as they hold on to them.  Shepherded offshore for a thorough washing and then left to do nothing in some Panamanian bank account or Finchley Road style boiler room.

Only last year the National Crime Agency (NCA) issued a threat assessment which stated: “We assess that hundreds of billions of US dollars of criminal money almost certainly continue to be laundered through UK banks, including their subsidiaries each year.”

Iceland jailed their bankers and their economy boomed. The cannabis industry is being kept out of the banking system and has boomed. Employment in the financial sector is becoming increasingly criminal as honest employment in the cannabis sector, is booming!

Am I missing something here? And yet they say the cannabis industry is a threat to society while letting the banks get off scot free!! Unbelievable the codswallop some people will swallow!!

The monetary influence of the banks keeps cannabis prohibition an ongoing battle! By ending the banks we end prohibition! By ending prohibition we can end austerity!