Researcher, Blogger, Activist

Researcher, Blogger, Activist

It has just been announced that carbon has reached 400ppm in our atmosphere, and will likely never drop again in our lifetimes!

This situation is set to cost the world economy more than $1.5 trillion a year in lost productivity by 2030.

And we, the global population, SUBSIDISE this folly to the tune of $5.3trn per year, or $10mn per MINUTE!

George Monbiot states in his Guardian column;

Governments such as ours, now ratifying the Paris agreement on climate change, haven’t the faintest idea what it means – either that or they have no intention of honouring it.
For the first time we can see the numbers on which the agreement depends, and their logic is inescapable. Governments can either meet their international commitments or allow the prospecting and development of new fossil fuel reserves. They cannot do both.

The implications of this are huge! From a human rights angle, the right to life is right up there!

If we are going to make a change for future generations, carbon sequestration has to be a priority policy for any government! Show me another technology, or resource, that can sequester carbon in the amounts that cannabis can!



A field of medicinal cannabis will sequester around 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare. A typical crop is grown on 100+ hectare lots in Europe (mostly Switzerland and Hungary), and, using crop rotation to keep the soil nice and fertile you can get two decent crops per year (interspersed with some leguminous crop like peas, or companion planted with basil or similar), so that’s a sequestration rate of around 5000 tonnes per year.

Farmers currently receive £13,500 per year in EU subsidies for leaving lands fallow. However working on current American market prices and exchange rates, they’re actually missing out on £30,769.23 for hemp and £769,230.77 for legal cannabis per ACRE!


With a home growing model, we can all be doing our bit towards mitigating climate change from our back gardens. When things are this bad, any sort of cap on cultivation simply wouldn’t make sense!

According to 2007 book Hemp for Victory: A Global Warming Solution, if only 6% of land was to be put to use for hemp biomass, it would make America energy independent.

However, that was in the days before graphene. For those that don’t know about graphene yet, it is a layer of carbon that is one atom thick, 100 times better conductor than copper, lighter than air, stronger than steel! Made from graphite/coal (which as anyone knows is a dying industry), it currently retails at around $2000 per gram. Made from cannabis, its $500 per TON! To put that in to perspective, that’s 907,185 grams at a saving of $1,814,369,500, and it is the future of our energy production and energy storage!!

That should cut some costs!!

We can cut a lot more now that 76% of 100,000 CEO’s are talking about moving their HQ’s abroad if we do activate article 50 and Brexit.

I have no doubt that when the time comes, we’ll all be told to fawn over these people and bail them out to keep them here in the UK. They’re the wealth creators after all. Aren’t they??

I beg to differ! These are the same CEO’s who have actively contributed towards the current global crisis we find ourselves in. They create wealth for the privileged few and damn the costs! Creating wealth nowadays is a matter of punching numbers in to computer screen for this cartel!

I would suggest we let them go and allow the 212,000 farming units, or holdings, each with an average size of 77ha, to realise the potential that they have in their land!

Better still, empty the jails of all non violent cannabis offenders and fill with them with these CEO’s who I’ll bet most are part of one the UK’s biggest scandals that isn’t being reported on.


If you thought the Panama Papers were bad, please, do some reading on 788-790 Finchley road.

You know that old saying of following the money?

When you start to cross reference political parties with financial interests in both energy and pharmaceuticals, its understandable that people of this nature would want a debt based system founded on scarcity, that keeps a resource, such as cannabis, that destroys that narrative, prohibited!

Austerity is a scam! Prohibition is a lie! We have the solutions! What we lack, is the political will to implement them due to vested interests in their market shares!

George Monbiot is correct when he says that governments can either meet their international commitments or allow the prospecting and development of new fossil fuel reserves. They cannot do both.

Clearly we should be investing in our farmers, far more than our bankers! To borrow, a cliche, you can’t eat money!