Best Vaporizers for £150. In this day and age, with all the information available to us about the dangers of smoking, it’s a wonder that people still carry on with such a dangerous habit. The turn of the century has bestowed us with many new smoking cessation devices and vaporization has wound up at the forefront of all the contenders at being the best alternative to harmful combustion. We do understand that vaporizing can be an expensive hobby to get into and many consumers find the initial expense is enough to put them off, but please bear with us! Apart from the initial investment, it’s actually counter-intuitive not to vaporise! Vaporizing can save you money in the long run, and eventually, it will even pay for itself! Unlike combustion, vaporization doesn’t destroy any of your favourite herb’s active ingredients, meaning a larger percentage is absorbed by you. In consequence, you end up using fewer herbs to get the same effect you would from a larger amount of combusted materials!

If you are still not convinced, we have curated this list of what we think are the best high-tech vaporizers available on the market for under £150!

Spirit by Storm

Building on the success of the original Storm Vaporizer Pen, we set out to try and introduce the best vaporizers on the market with some of the high-tech features of premium devices available at the time, at an affordable price. The result of many months of testing birthed the Spirit by Storm, a pocket rocket device with a sleek and slender design that costs only £109!

The Spirit features a full 240-degree temperature control so you can dial your vapour into the perfect temperature for you. Whether you like cool and flavoursome or hot and dense clouds the Spirit has you covered. It also features a Zirconia Ceramica mouthpiece like the more expensive DaVinci IQ which helps to cool the vapour on the way to your lungs thanks to its superb heat conducting properties.

Roughly about the size of the Pax 2/3, the spirit will easily fit in your pocket comfortably and discreetly. Unlike the Pax, however, the Spirit features a removable 18650 battery which will give you up to 1 and a half hours of vaping time and if that isn’t enough you can simply pop it out and put in a fully charged one!

Sapphire by Storm

The Sapphire was created as a solid, reliable and simple to use Vaporizer at a more affordable price point than it’s bigger sibling, The Spirit. It is an ideal introductory vaporizer for newcomers to vaping but will stand up to the testing of seasoned vaporists too.

It features the same Ceramic Zirconia cooling mouthpiece as the spirit as well as five-set temperature setting ranging from 180c – 220c. The units one-button operation makes it a doddle to use and can be easily operated by anyone with reduced mobility.

It handles herbs, concentrates as well as traditional pressed resins with the addition of the resin capsule and you can up to 80 minutes vaping time from the units integrated battery! It can also be charged with most portable USB making it a perfect travel companion.

At only £55 and comparable to some devices that retail for over £200, the Sapphire is a real gem!

Rasta Buddha Tao – Splinter

The Splinter by Rasta Buddha Tao was the industry’s first Mod powered, heat on-demand convection vaporizer and is arguably one of the biggest cloud producers, rivalling desktop units 10 times its size.

Splinter’s near-instant heat up time provides vapour on-demand, and unlike most aromatherapy devices on the market, it only heats your herbs when you want it to. This makes it probably one of the best vaporizers and most efficient devices on this list, and the money you will save from this efficiency will make one the best vaporizers pretty much pay for itself.

The unit itself is carved from beautiful sleek, Blackwood giving it an ultra-premium yet natural feel which really adds to the experience. All bundled together in ethical packaging that doesn’t use any plastic or non-recyclable materials the Splinter is in a league of its own!

Dynavap M

These little devices are perfect for anyone who loves the tactile sensation of something in their hand, measuring about the same size as a cigarette they are perfect for out and about but are still powerful enough to deliver satisfying hits.

They operate in a more hands-on, ‘Analogue’, way than the other digital aromatherapy devices mentioned and require the use of a jet flame lighter to vaporize. This means they can be used absolutely anywhere, and you don’t need to be reliant on batteries or a mains socket!

The Dynavap ‘M’ is the one of most durable of the range, made from 100% Medical grade stainless steel, it will last you a lifetime and will withstand pretty much everything you throw at it. The new 2019 version is now available as well as the super cool ‘Shadow’ stealth version.

There is a little knack to using them, and works amazingly when paired with a water tool! Don’t be put off by its analogue function, heating the Dynavap becomes second nature and you will get super cool, smooth, tasty the best vaporizers hit every time.

Puffco Plus

If you prefer to consume your herbs in concentrate form, then the Puffco Plus might be perfect for you. The Puffco Plus is the new updated, high-end version of their original award-winning oil pen.

Its super sleek, slim design provides you with possibly the most discreet oil vaporizer for when you are on the go. It looks exactly like a regular slim E-cigarette, so you can expect nobody to even give it a second glance.

It delivers completely untainted vapour by employing the use of a cutting-edge ceramic atomiser unlike any on the market. It has no wicks, coils or any exposed metals and is made 100% out of ceramic, offering you supreme flavour in comparison to others on the market. This also makes it super easy to clean, with the use of a cotton swab or “Glob Mop”. It also features a ceramic dart, within the mouthpiece, that doubles down as a dabbing tool and carb cap. This carb cap helps to keep the air temperature within the chamber higher, evenly and efficiently vaporising your oils, creating more clouds than its competitors.

We challenge you to adapt your consumption to a safer, more efficient way of enjoying your aromatherapy herbs and concentrates. We’re sure After 30 days you will be fiends like us!