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Researcher, Blogger, Activist

Researcher, Blogger, Activist

Welcome to life in the failed terrorist state that is Brexshit Britain.

Don’t think we’re a failed terrorist state?? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Lets start with the definition of a failed state; a state whose political or economic system has become so weak that the government is no longer in control.

As John McDonnell has pointed out recently; ‘The government could collapse at any time.’ One of the main reasons being that we still have the same economic model in place that caused the crash in the first place. A system that at present is seeing workers use food banks as wages fall behind inflation and are predicted to rise by only 1% as employers have no need to raise wages due there being around 24 applicants for every low skilled job. A situation that gets even worse should you happen to be black. Which kind of puts paid to the Tory lie of falling unemployment and which I’m also guessing is a major driver to firms not paying the ‘living wage’ that action has recently been called for on as no one can fucking live on it!!

len-mccluskey-paAs highlighted by Len mcCluskey, those same firms are using the uncertainty created by Brexit to cut workers pay as the cost of raising a child rises again, people across the country can’t afford to eat and food banks are running out of stock due to the extra strain of school holidays, hospitals launch urgent appeals as the Trussel Trust warns that food banks across the country are struggling.

All of this is driving a tide of homelessness at a scandalous rate as highlighted by Owen Jones, that is increasingly becoming a gendered issue as it impacts mostly men who are killing themselves at an extraordinary rate. I have no doubt the situation  will soon be exasperated by vulnerable people being forced to use food banks because of problems with the benefits system which is only going to get worse with the roll out of universal credit that could leave families penniless over the Christmas period. The Christmas sales season should be very interesting seeing as shoppers are already shunning sales as they cut back on non essentials.

p01tqv8zMeanwhile the Tory propaganda machine that is now the BBC paint a rosy picture of Brexit for people to lap up that censors UK manufacturing to be eliminated and car production run down. While MEP Molly Meacher has slammed the Tories for covering up 50 studies that show the true impact of Brexit, while Brexit supporting economist Professor Patrick Minford is happy to sacrifice north east jobs to design and marketing industries rather than do as councils ask and call for a ‘national renaissance’ in the building of council houses that some studies say will have to last 2000 years due to the sluggish rate of house building. Just as a little tip, the Ellora Caves of India have been preserved by cannabis. Effectively 1500 year old hempcrete.

PHP_ROS_election_39.JPG.galleryWe can still afford almost £1 billion for Boris Johnson’s vanity projects though which I suspect is another factor in that same economic model that allowed us all to be ripped off and taken the piss out of. Meanwhile the UK struggles with poor infrastructure due to a lack of investment and vision from politicians such as Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry who seems to think that the Tyne is in Sunderland. And now with £6.9 billion in EU infrastructure subsidies having a moratorium imposed on them due to the activation of article 50, I don’t see things getting much better.

19DWP workers may like to contemplate all of that as 800 of them face the axe in redundancies that union chiefs say are unnecessary and others strike for what they are claiming are to be lifelines for ‘unemployed, sick and disabled people’ despite the fact that more than 5000 disabled people have been sanctioned for six months or more and benefit mandarins have picked up £20k bonuses for imposing brutal cuts that kill 90 people per week and save £132m a year while costing £285m a year to run. Meanwhile suicides because of this brutal regime make the news once again.

I make no apologies for having zero sympathy with quisling collaborators who have caused so much damage to so many lives all so that their gaffer could get a decent fucking bonus!!

6a00d8341c070353ef01a73dbc8781970dAt least they’ll be kept company by the 4000 cops due to lose their jobs due to the same wasteful mismanagement by the Tory party that is destroying the country. Maybe they would like to become scab labour for McDonalds as they face strikes over poor conditions and pay??

By the way, McDonald’s workers, a quick peek across the pond will tell you that the restaurant industry is losing employees because the wages are far better in cannabis. Choose the cops you tell but say nowt to the $$ officers of the DWP.

All of which leads us to deliberate if the Tories are a terrorist organisation. The dictionary definition of terrorism is; the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

In the book The Violence of Austerity, a collection of essays, editors Vickie Cooper and David Whyte argue that:

“people most affected by austerity cuts are not only struggling under the financial strain but are becoming ill, physically and emotionally, and many are dying”.

cropped-dpac_200-180x180If the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped, then surely the fact that disabled people are taking their fight against the Tories cuts to the UN is an indicator of how bad things are as they’re accused of ongoing breaches of UN conventions. Such as the continuation of the work capability assessments which have been found to be unlawful at the high court that those accompanying people to have remarked as lacking ’empathy’ and that assessors have been found to regularly lie on.

All very Aktion T4.

2599469.main_imageThen there are the tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt that uni students are being saddled with that Nick Timothy has labelled a Ponzi scheme as universities struggle to fill thousands of empty courses as they prepare to drop standards to fill places because doing so worked so well for LearnDirect.

The imposition of fracking has recently been called overhyped by professor John Underhill who argues that geology is fundamental in fracking but has been forgotten about in assessments, meaning wells will likely produce less than predicted. Never the less, Lancashire police will still be rolling out at Preston New Road at a cost to their constituents of £450,000 per month to forcefully impose a harmful industry against their will.

Add in the stripping of even basic medicines from the poor and I think we can pretty much agree that the Tories are economic extremists.

barnes-710024This all makes the recent call from Professor Mike Barnes for cannabis to be legalised urgently, even more so! A call being echoed by Inverclyde MP Ronnie Cowan and former justice secretary Kenny MacAskill as drug deaths in Scotland double which is being blamed on deprivation and bad drugs policies. Cannabis being the global growth industry that is dropping overdose rates from opiates while creating tens of thousands of well-paid jobs would be a not so radical solution that is obviously working elsewhere.

India has recently joined the industry and my predicted eventual world leader in all things cannabis, China, are going full tilt ahead with around 33,000 hectares of hemp that I have no doubt will contribute towards their burgeoning graphene sector of 5 production parks and around 18,000 patents.

whiteearthsign_mprnewsThere’s a lot more to the UK’s wealth than GDP. Considering we Brits colonised the world on the back of weed, you would think it would be easy for sso-calledglobalisation intellectuals to come up with a system backed by a sustainable resource that can replace fossil fuels in a time of divestment and spending on that industry is currently outpacing spending on fossil fuels, mining, services, general manufacturing etc. DAPL water protectors at Preston New Road may like to give their countrymen of the White Earth tribe a call to find out about the potential of this crop.

neil-degrasse-tyson-rates-the-matrix-movies-and-moreIf anyone there needs some intelligent reasoning behind legalising weed, maybe you should try reading the opinion of Neil deGrasse Tyson seeing as Brits seem to be scared of cannabis despite our historical relationship with it. Cannabis built the British empire, I have no doubt it can rebuild what’s left of the British state after the Tories have decimated it.

It’s quite ironic that the Tories would use a law introduced by Henry VIII in the repeal bill to put profits before people yet again and remove our rights so that they can’t be sued for being the criminal cunts that they are. We are talking about a party whose solution to unaffordable care is no care at all, as confirmed by Hilary Meredith’s comments on The Ministry of Defence’s “duty of care (or lack of it)” for our veterans as she noted that the government is changing the law to give the MoD immunity from prosecution by military personnel.

Hopefully we’ll not have to worry about too many veterans in the future as it would seem that the army is going through something of a recruiting crisis. For those who are currently suffering, a squint across the pond to the American Legion who have been pushing for full access for a long time now could be worth looking in to. The industry as a whole is one that British veterans may like to take a look at as American veterans are finding careers, community, purpose, and treatment in the cannabis industry.

London is being targeted for its first medical cannabis conference ahead of the UK’s own ‘green rush’ by Israeli firm CANNATECH. Despite the Tories still being willfully ignorant of those medicinal properties and jailing people across the country for using it, it would seem that they’re gearing up for the rush themselves. For those of us up north, Matewan West Virginia, a former coal mining town hit by the highest overdose rate in the country could be an example of what we can achieve. When this industry comes to the north east, I have no doubt that we’ll give the world a cannabis industry to be proud of.

Austerity is causing wide spread suffering. Why we tolerate this cruel regime when there is an industry that is creating communities that are rebuilding towns and states across America is beyond me. The evidence of what this industry is doing is easy enough for everyone to find. Every issue that is facing British society can be solved with one change in legislation.

Isn’t about time that the UK caught up with the rest of the world?


Buy Quality Lab Tested CBD Oil