17th September 2015




Austerity Or Prosperity?

Welcome to life in the failed terrorist state that is Brexshit Britain. Don't think we're a failed terrorist state?? Let's take a look at the evidence. Lets start with the definition of a failed state; a state whose political or ...
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Prohibition Pounds Progress

Every day I grow through my news feed and every day I have the same thought. What the fuck are we playing at? Right now in the UK, ambulance call outs for mental health issues have increased 23%, one in ...
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The War On Drugs Is Criminally Dumb!

Here at Teesside Cannabis Club we were recently accused of becoming somewhat of a "community hub" thanks to our activities in recent years. You know why? Because we expose the absurdity of prohibition for what it is, criminally, insanely, dumb!! ...
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Why We Need To Reframe The Cannabis Debate

As anyone who follows this industry knows, there are three accepted sectors. Medicinal, recreational and industrial. This debate has kept the subject of cannabis split across its supporters for many years. When you look at the evidence though, its quite ...
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A Brief History Of CannaCampfest.

A few years ago, having been turned on to cannabis culture after having done some research in to why weed is illegal, I decided I had to get involved somehow as I found the whole situation regarding this plant as ...
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Rise Up….. Against The Whoppers!

In a week when fake news and outright lies have been making all of the headlines, it’s nice every now and again to sit back and sift through what we’re told to make sense of it all. Especially when it ...
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A Fascist Regime, Or A Green Dream?

As an avid researcher of all things cannabis, every now and again, you get the opportunity to sit back with a self satisfied (aka; smug) grin as some of your predictions come to fruition. Where to start?? Let's start with ...
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On world cancer day, I'm sure the irony of Jeremy Hunt being in the US to talk about patient safety isn't wasted on any of us. Let's take a look at the situation. As 20 hospitals have issued a black ...
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Hemp For Victory (Over The Tories) 2017

Happy new year everyone. At least I hope it is for you. Because for quite a few people already, it really isn't going that well. Take Jeremy Hunt for instance who was embarrassed by Piers Morgan on live TV as ...
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Weed’s Watershed Whimper.

In recent weeks there have been multiple stories that all but a few cannabis enthusiasts/activists have been putting together, but most haven't! It boggles my mind that with so much going on, most don't even realise just how serious this ...
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Trump Trumped As Weed Wins War!

As the world adjusts to a Trump presidency, something akin to being in an episode of the twilight zone, the real big winner of the last couple of weeks, has been cannabis. Unlike fracking which has been causing actual earthquakes, ...
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Women And Weed. UK V US.

Charity Changing Lives have this week issued a statement saying that women are turning to the sex trade as a means of survival. “Survival sex is a term that has become common place with staff at Changing Lives but it ...
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Cuts Or Cannabis! Your Choice Britain!

On November 6th, clubs and activists from across the country, came together in Leicester for UKCSC's first AGM. I saw the future that day, and it has never been more urgently needed! As I walked around the venue there were ...
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A Week In The Life of Austerity V Prosperity!

Austerity V Prosperity When comparing austerity and prohibition politics to legalisation and prosperity politics, a week can be a very long time! Last week started off with calls for legalisation of cannabis by North Wales PCC, Arfon Jones. A call ...
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Ending The banks, Ends Cannabis Prohibition

Ending Cannabis Prohibition The financial sector is looking to relocate from the UK and take around 70,000 jobs with it, jobs which cannabis prohibition is stifling. Fuck 'em! Let them go! Iceland let their banks fail and bailed out the ...
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Sex Trade As A Means Of Survival

Sex Trade As A Means Of Survival Charity, Changing Lives, have issued a statement saying that women are turning to the sex trade as a means of survival. “Survival sex is a term that has become commonplace with staff at ...
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The Cannabis Industry Is Paying More Taxes Than Some Of Britain’s Biggest Businesses.

Major names such as BP, Cadbury's, eBay and Apple are amongst a list of names over the last year who have avoided taxes in the UK to the tune of billions! At least six of Britain’s 10 biggest multinationals — ...
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Graphene: The Game Changer Of The Cannabis Debate!

The Energy and Climate Change Committee have released a statement urging the government to redesign the capacity market to encourage energy storage. They say subsidies to this approach could save customers billions in energy bills. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37664880 I'm inclined to agree ...
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Cannabis! The NHS Cost Cutter!

Theresa May has told the NHS that they must make efficiency savings to try to get past a £22 billion deficit and shouldn't publicly appeal for more than £10 billion. At the same time, pharmacies have been told they face ...
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Why Medical Cannabis Only Is The Wrong Model For A Brexiting Britain.

This week, as everyone with an interest in all things cannabis, will know the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) have classified CBD (Cannabidiol) as a medicine and have told all suppliers to pull their products. This situation came ...
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Hard Brexit! Soft Brexit! Green Brexit?

So, we now know that article 50 will be activated before March 2017 and chaos is ensuing! The pound has dropped (soon to be trounced by the Yuan after China joined the IMF), any trade deals are nowhere near ready ...
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Climate Change: The Ace In The Hole For Cannabis Legalisation.

It has just been announced that carbon has reached 400ppm in our atmosphere, and will likely never drop again in our lifetimes! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/sep/28/the-world-passes-400ppm-carbon-dioxide-threshold-permanently?CMP=twt_gu This situation is set to cost the world economy more than $1.5 trillion a year in lost ...
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The Intervention That Britain Needs Post Brexit For Long Term Prosperity, Is Cannabis!

Today, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has told the BBC that Britain needs an interventionist government working with the private sector. Mr. McDonnell said the UK would borrow in the short term for long-term investment and the "prosperity of the future" ...
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Everyone will be using cannabis within the next 10 years! Even YOU!

Time to sweat the small stuff. While every cannabis activist up and down the country makes big noises about major conditions such as cancer, MS, fibromyalgia, etc, one medical application doesn't seem to come up that much, despite the fact ...
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769,230 Reasons Brexiting Farmers Should Support Recreational Cannabis

The Independent has reported that John Montagu, speaking in a House of Lords debate, has voiced concerns from farmers who did not expect to lose EU subsidies due to Brexit. “In 2013, farmers received €2.6bn (about £2.2bn) under pillar 1 ...
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Hinkley or Hemp?

The Conservative Government have announced today that Hinkley Point nuclear power station has been given the go ahead, despite the fact that; “Hinkley’s construction costs are £18bn but the subsidy costs are an estimated extra £30bn over the lifetime of ...
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Slap Packs

Corporate Cannabis PLC.UK?

Today, an all party parlimentary group came together to recommend that cannabis be moved from schedule one of the controlled substances act to schedule four, allowing for strictly controlled, pharmaceutically produced cannabis, to be prescribed to patients. http://www.itv.com/news/2016-09-12/parliamentary-report-set-to-recommend-legalising-medicinal-cannabis/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-37336678 http://www.release.org.uk/law/schedules ...
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Herbal Healing

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog as I wanted to see what would happen after Brexit before commenting on it. I don't think I expected quite the turm oil we have at present. In all of ...
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Brexit. Bust and Boom

As the UK goes to hell in a handcart thanks to Brexit, one cannot help but sit back and admire just how badly the the Tories have got everything wrong! Six years of project fear has turned a nation of ...
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Stop That…. It’s Illegal

The world of drug reform can be a funny old place to look in to. Just last week, we wrote about a lack of education towards this subject from the authorities, along with how this was being highlighted at a ...
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Barking up the wrong tree…

As a researcher of all things cannabis for the last three years, I have to say, if there's any other field that highlights the levels of inequality in this world more, I've yet to come across it! But why is ...
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We Shall Be

In another barn storming week of ineptitude and bare faced lies, the Tories have shown their true colours again! Let's start with the mental health crisis. Oh dear! What a mess Dave and Gideon are making. Not only do we ...
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Job Vacancy: Hemp Farmer

So Teesside gets hit again! It was publicised that Gidiots decision to scrap carbon capture schemes will now hit jobs in Teesside, as well as elsewhere. This is another massive hit to the region after job losses in the steel ...
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Let’s Shift This Paradigm

Yet again, Tory vested interests are exposed this week with 73 landlord MP's voting down legislation that would make them responsible for keeping their properties fit for human habitation. They'll quite happily take your money, but they don't want to ...
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A New Bhang Land

To quote local legend Oz Osborne of Auf Wiedersehen pet, "Bollocks!" and "Double Bollocks!" Recently, Joe Hallgarten, director of education at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) Action and Research Centre, wrote a blog ...
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Darlington Green Party

TCC meets Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett

What happens when Teesside Cannabis Club attend a debate with Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett? Well not a lot really in terms of publicly getting our questions in there, her handlers were on top form intercepting questions! John Holiday and ...
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Call To Arms: A date has been set…..

...October 12th 2015 is the date that has been set for the debate of cannabis based on the e-petition which was submitted in July. The petition gathered a very quick momentum and had gathered around 200,000 signatures by the time ...
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Government goes “no comment” on Cannabis.

The Independent issued an update to the petition that was issued to government, before the government recess. They are reporting now that the petition has been discussed and has been shelved. The Home Office issued a crushing response however, claiming ...
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Parliament Reopens!

Thursday 3rd September 2015 Monday 7th September marks the reopening of parliament for 2015. This means that it is time to start lobbying! There is also a second reading regarding a drugs reform bill to look forward to. Here is ...
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New Blog

So it's time to get a blog on the go!! We have been in the media spotlight a lot recently and have lots of exciting developments on the horizon. So we thought that a blog would be the ideal way ...
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