Austerity Or Prosperity?

Welcome to life in the failed terrorist state that is Brexshit Britain. Don’t think we’re a failed terrorist state?? Let’s take a look at the evidence. Lets start with the definition of a failed state; a state whose political or economic system has become so weak that the government is no longer in control. As[…]


The War On Drugs Is Criminally Dumb!

Here at Teesside Cannabis Club we were recently accused of becoming somewhat of a “community hub” thanks to our activities in recent years. You know why? Because we expose the absurdity of prohibition for what it is, criminally, insanely, dumb!! We offer a perspective that few other clubs do. When we talk about cannabis, drugs[…]


Why We Need To Reframe The Cannabis Debate

As anyone who follows this industry knows, there are three accepted sectors. Medicinal, recreational and industrial. This debate has kept the subject of cannabis split across its supporters for many years. When you look at the evidence though, its quite a ludicrous debate. If I was to mention hemp, everyone’s mind will go straight to[…]


Rise Up….. Against The Whoppers!

In a week when fake news and outright lies have been making all of the headlines, it’s nice every now and again to sit back and sift through what we’re told to make sense of it all. Especially when it comes to our broken political system and how it pertains to what’s happening elsewhere in[…]


A Fascist Regime, Or A Green Dream?

As an avid researcher of all things cannabis, every now and again, you get the opportunity to sit back with a self satisfied (aka; smug) grin as some of your predictions come to fruition. Where to start?? Let’s start with the banks! Firstly, there’s RBS who are about to shell out £340 million in bonuses[…]



On world cancer day, I’m sure the irony of Jeremy Hunt being in the US to talk about patient safety isn’t wasted on any of us. Let’s take a look at the situation. As 20 hospitals have issued a black alert in the last month, doctors are being shown on TV having to choose between saving[…]


Weed’s Watershed Whimper.

In recent weeks there have been multiple stories that all but a few cannabis enthusiasts/activists have been putting together, but most haven’t! It boggles my mind that with so much going on, most don’t even realise just how serious this debate truly is. A point brought home to me just the other night when I[…]